Samsung ATIV Tab review: the Windows RT tablet you'll never find in the US

2013-Feb-04 | Tags: reviewsamsungtablet

Windows on ARMIn a world that's increasingly dominated by tablets, Microsoft, whose fortune is intertwined with desktops and laptops, needed to prevent its customers from leaving in droves. After a few years in a Redmond laboratory, Windows 8 and Surface RT were born -- but not everything was well in the brave new world the company had created.

While Windows RT looks and behaves the same way as its big brother, it doesn't run your existing Windows programs despite having its own "desktop" mode. Understandably, as casual users struggled to understand the distinction, Samsung abandoned any plans to launch a Windows RT product in the United States.

However, the device is still available in the rest of the world, and so it is for everyone else -- and those with an eye on importing it -- that we put the ATIV Tab through its paces. In short, if it never made the journey across the pond, it would be a shame, because it's certainly tablet enough to give the Surface RT a run for its money. So should you buy one? The answer to that question awaits after the break.

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