Microsoft videos: Surface RT is for fun but Surface Pro is for work

2013-Jan-23 | Tags: surface-rtversusx86

Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft started its marketing campaign for the Windows RT version of the Surface tablet in October, it released a video that showed the device being used by a variety of people. With the exception of someone using the included version of Office RT for a few seconds, the video shows the tablet as a consumer device for fun: playing games, watching movies and webcam chats with friends.

With today's announcement that the Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface is coming on February 9th, Microsoft has released a similar video on YouTube. The tone of this film, however, is quite different. The Surface Pro is shown being used exclusively as a tablet made for work, specifically in a fictional eye glasses design company (55mm, to be exact)

The clip shows the workers at this design company looking at spreadsheets and designing new glasses with the help of the Surface Pro's stylus pen; it's also shown as a way to display presentations via its DisplayPort.

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