Microsoft Surface with Windows RT three months on

2013-Jan-17 | Tags: surface-rtusage

Windows on ARMThe Microsoft Surface with Windows RT has been on sale for around three months. Although it landed with considerable fanfare, recent estimates suggest that Microsoft may have only sold around 1 million since the device went on sale.

When we reviewed the Surface RT we felt it has some quirks, but overall felt that it was effectively a new class of device with potential and awarded it four stars. Many potential buyers could be holding off for the imminent arrival the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, but the Surface RT still has the same strengths going for it.

After using the device regularly over the past three months, we have continued to be impressed with the Surface RT as a productivity tool. However, it has become increasingly clear to us that the Surface RT is perhaps best suited to university students or professional users who are looking for maximum mobility and battery life, but who can live without Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft's decision to leave Outlook for the Surface Pro only is perhaps the biggest drawback of the Surface RT.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT