Windows RT tablets could use Nvidia Tegra 4 including the next Microsoft Surface RT: Report

2013-Jan-15 | Tags: nvidiarumorsurface-rt

Windows on ARMPerhaps the biggest attraction of CES 2013 was Nvidia's Tegra 4 mobile CPU, which combines 4-ARM Cortex A15 cores, plus a phantom core for low power tasks and 72-core GPU.  DigiTimes is reporting that the Tegra 4 could find its way in a number of Windows RT tablets that are released in 2013, including the next Surface RT tablet made by Microsoft.

On the face of it, this claim seems very plausible considering Microsoft opted for the Tegra 3 to power the first generation Surface RT tablet. Additionally, the massive performance strides that Nvidia has made with Tegra 4 include six times GPU performance, a more powerful, yet frugal CPU, a software configurable LTE stack and support for 4K resolutions.

That said, it will be interesting to see what CPU Windows RT OEMs opt for when they make their tablets including Microsoft, considering the tepid response received by the Tegra 3 powered tablets. The Surface RT notably has been notorious for its slow performance in the desktop mode and the battery life too has not exactly set the world on fire, and this is happening in market where the iPad manages to churn a higher resolution display, LTE and higher battery life.

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