My 60 days with the Surface RT

2013-Jan-08 | Tags: opinionsurface-rtusage

Windows on ARMSummary: After more than two months of day-in and day-out use, the strengths and weaknesses of the Microsoft Surface and Windows RT are easier to see. Here's a long-term update.

I've been using a Microsoft Surface for more than two months, day in and day out. It's been a frequent traveling companion during that time, getting a steady workout on business and personal trips.

Microsoft Surface RT

When I wrote my first impressions of this Windows RT-powered device back in October, based on a week's use, I noted that it is not designed to replace a desktop PC or a full-strength notebook. It is, instead, an ideal companion device for a Windows PC, with great mobility. As I said at the time, "It is powerful enough that it alone can handle most work and play duties, even on an extended business trip or vacation."

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT