What Will Tegra 4 Mean to Windows RT?

2013-Jan-07 | Tags: analysisnvidia

Windows on ARMNVIDIA this week unveiled the Tegra 4, which it describes as the world's fastest mobile processor. Given the lackluster performance of Windows RT on the Tegra 4's predecessor, I'm curious whether NVIDIA's stated advances will lead to better Windows RT devices in the near future, and perhaps a new Surface RT.

According to an NVIDIA press release, the Tegra 4 offers both "record-setting performance and battery life," and includes six times the graphics horsepower of the Tegra 3 used in the current Surface with Windows RT. It is also the first quad-core ARM processor, which NVIDIA says will result in 2.6 times better performance in web browsing and apps.

One of the big advances with this new chipset is its optional support for 4G LTE voice and data support via a separate, add-on chip that is "more efficient and 40 percent the size of conventional modems." As I've noted, built-in (if optional) support for broadband cellular should be a given on any Windows RT device.

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