Nokia Windows RT tablet to rise from the ashes at Mobile World Congress?

2012-Dec-19 | Tags: nokiarumortablet

Windows on ARMAfter shutting down the project earlier this year, Nokia is rumored to have restarted development of a 10-inch Windows RT tablet, which could be announced at Mobile World Congress.

Way back in March this year, Nokia's executive VP of design told a Finnish magazine a third of his time was dedicated to creating a tablet, which was subsequently said to have a 10-inch screen and a dual-core Qualcomm processor. As far as its release was concerned, few could agree on when it would arrive, with both a summer and a late 2012 date being suggested.

Obviously, it hasn't arrived at all, with Nokia preferring to focus its attention on its Lumia range of Windows Phone 8 devices. However, if a new report from Digitimes is accurate, Nokia's tablet isn't dead, as it could be accelerating towards an announcement at the end of February.


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