Apple CEO slams inferior Android and Windows RT tablets

2012-Dec-06 | Tags: androidappleopinionversus

Windows on ARMApple CEO Tim Cook isn't impressed by cheap Android tablets from the likes of Asus, Samsung, and Amazon. He's also not to keen on Microsoft's newly released Surface RT tablet either.

Business Week sat down for a chat with one of the most powerful men in technology. Throughout the chat, which you can read in full here, Cook alludes to Apple's long-awaited HDTV and details why he thinks all other tablets fall short of the iPad.

On the subject of Microsoft and Samsung's recent tablet offerings, Cook said: 'what I see, for me, is that some of these are confusing, multiple OSs with multiple UIs. They steer away from simplicity.'

Apple's iPad is all about simplicity – the UI itself has barely changed since 2007. But there's more to it than that, says Cook. Consumers also want tablet-optimised applications, and lots of them. You don't get this on Android or Windows RT and this, according to Cook, is why usage is so low.

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