Microsoft Surface RT Review - This Is Not the Actual iPad Killer

2012-Nov-25 | Tags: applekillreviewsurface-rtversus

Windows on ARMMicrosoft is no longer just a software company, it's a devices and services firm that does a lot more than advanced software solutions. The world renowned Windows creator has slowly migrated towards a completely different approach, one that seems to be the only viable solution to remain profitable in a world that's no longer focused on software exclusively.

People no longer want to stay in front of a desktop computer to do their work, so mobile apps and devices was the only way to go. Apple, the fruit-named company based in Cupertino, is currently the undisputed leader of the tablet industry, with its top-notch iPad selling millions of units all over the world.

There are plenty of self-entitled iPad killers out there, but most of them are nothing more than bad jokes. The iPad was and still is the number one tablet on the market. It is THE tablet.

Microsoft Surface RT

In July, however, a new and a bit unexpected product was announced. It was the Surface, Microsoft's very own player in the tablet game that was supposed to challenge iPad's success. Steve Ballmer introduced the Surface as a revolutionary product, one that could change the way you can work on the go.

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