Review: ASUS VivoTab RT Windows tablet

2012-Nov-20 | Tags: asusreviewtablet

Windows on ARMThe ASUS Transformer Prime is arguably the most enticing and desired  10-inch Android tablet. It is also the most functional when mated with its keyboard dock that turns it into a decent notebook. ASUS applied the same approach to the incredibly slim and compact VivoTab RT tablet to give Microsoft's own Surface a run for its money.

Visibly smaller and lighter than the Surface, the ASUS VivoTab RT takes the successful formula of sleek tablet plus accessory keyboard and applies it to Windows RT, Microsoft's attempt at creeping up on the iPad and Android tablet markets.

Currently selling at a discounted price of $599 (for the tablet plus the keyboard) the ASUS VivoTab RT is a compelling challenger to Microsoft's Surface device and a good example of the hybrid devices catering to Windows 8 RT's touch-focused interface.

ASUS Vivo Tab RT

Out of the box, the 1.15 pound VivoTab RT is a very thin and light tablet at .33 inches thick. While it has the same industrial design touches and profile as the Android-powered Transformer tablets, it feels slighly less rugged.

As a tablet, the VivoTab RT is light and feels dwarfed by the thicker, heavier Surface. Note that the Surface does include a kickstand and a full USB 2.0 port which contribute to its girth.

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