Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet problems: Great specs, but issues inevitable

2012-Nov-18 | Tags: criticismsurface-rt

Windows on ARMEverything great also comes with issues and problems. Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet despite coming with best specs has many issues to sort out - We already know that the Surface RT tablet has issues. The question is: how many? Just some weeks back users were reporting a strange muting effect on the Surface audio. It would go on and off on its own, there were also some jagged noises. Then there was the keyboard issue. The custom made touch cover was showing splits at the seams.

The issues spawned a lot of posts on Microsoft's support forums. After a while Microsoft acknowledged the problem, and said it was working on a fix. Meanwhile in both cases the culprit was probably the keyboard covers. So would users kindly line up at a Microsoft store and get a replacement?

Microsoft Surface RT

Now there seems to be another issue with the tablet. It has Wi-Fi issues. Apparently, at times the tablet has difficulty picking up Wi-Fi signals. Wrote nathbr on  October 28 "I had an issue this morning where Surface couldn't find any wifi networks (when 5 were in the area) and it was connected the previous night. I solved this issue by searching windows rt for Network. Open Network Connections, find the wifi device and then disable this connection. After a minute – I re-enabled the connection and then it started to work."

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