Microsoft sued over Surface for Windows RT storage debacle

2012-Nov-15 | Tags: criticismsurface-rtsystem

Windows on ARMIt was only a matter of time before Microsoft got into a legal debacle with the new lineup of products that it has recently launched. Andrew Sokolowski, a California-based lawyer is suing Microsoft for misleading the public with respect to the free space available on the 32GB version of the Surface RT tablet.

Sokolowski claims that he bought the 32GB Surface RT under the assumption that he would be getting 32GB of storage space, making the fact that only 16GB was available, a rude awakening. Sokolowski's lawyers filed the suit alleging false advertising and unfair business practices.

Microsoft Surface RT

That Microsoft Surface RT tablets have less than the advertised free space has been a well-known fact. Even before the tablets were shipped out to those who had pre-ordered it, the website clearly displayed that the free space available on the 32GB variant was far less than advertised.

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