Surface RT screen does well in lab tests against other tablets including iPad

2012-Nov-13 | Tags: applesurface-rtversus

Windows on ARMEven before Microsoft's Surface RT came out lots of people were disappointed and curious as to why Microsoft chose such a small resolution for their Windows RT flagship device. The Surface RT tablet comes with only 1366x768 pixels which is actually the minimum requirement for Windows 8 machines in order for them to use the snap feature.

So why would the company barely abide by their own rules on what is supposed to be the best Windows RT device, especially when competitors are bringing full 1080p tablets to market not to mention the 2048x1536 screen on the iPad 3 which is basically double?

When asked the Redmond company never gave a straight answer instead they tried to explain to the public that Screen Resolution is only one of the factors that influence how good a screen actually is. There are many different ones on which Microsoft chose to focus such as sharpness and reflectance.

Microsoft Surface RT

It seems now, a test done by Display Mate in their labs, partially confirms what Microsoft has been saying: that their tablet, even with the lower resolution, stacks very well against the competition. The folks at Display Mate compared the Surface RT to other tablets on the market and this is what they found:

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