Surface RT: My week on the road with Microsoft's tablet

2012-Nov-08 | Tags: opinionsurface-rttabletusage

Windows on ARMIt's been over a week since the Windows 8 launch in New York, and that means it's been 12 days since I bought a 64GB Surface RT device with a Touch Cover in Microsoft's Times Square pop-up store.

It's been a week of travel, of conferences and meetings, of small hotel rooms and sleeping in friends' spare rooms and on sofa beds. In short, pretty much the ideal circumstances to get to grip with a new device. In fact, the ideal circumstance to use it in anger and write a 1,300 word post in coffeshops and motels on the long drive from Seattle to Las Vegas.

Microsoft Surface RT

The first thing you notice about Surface is the packaging. There's been a trend to simplicity in Microsoft hardware's design language, and Surface's box is part of that trend. Don't expect anything fancy in the unboxing videos — it's just a cardboard box with a few words on it — including a clear note that Surface RT won't run all your desktop applications.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT