Has Texas Instruments abandoned Windows RT plans?

2012-Nov-06 | Tags: rumortexas

Windows on ARMWay back in June 2011, Texas Instruments announced it would launch its OMAP4470 processor, which it said would run "operating systems such as Android, Linux and the next version of Microsoft Windows." It reconfirmed those plans for the processor in January at CES 2012. In June, as part of Computex, TI actually showed some prototype Windows RT tablets running on its processor.

Then in September, things changed as reports came in that TI might decide to dump its mobile chip business. At the Windows 8 launch event in New York City in October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows head man Steven Sinofsky both said that Windows RT tablets would be coming with processors made by NVIDIA and Qualcomm. No mention was made at all about TI.

So does that mean that Texas Instruments is officially out of the Windows RT hardware business? A Microsoft spokesperson would not comment when Neowin asked them about this subject today. We also asked TI for comment and received this response from a spokesperson via email:

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