Surface with Windows RT: Master the Power Connector

2012-Nov-04 | Tags: surface-rtusage

Windows on ARMWhile some may take exception with my criticisms of Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT devices, one complaint is unassailable: The magnetic plug on the power supply doesn't work properly. And if you don't pay attention carefully when you make the connection, you may find yourself without battery power. Don't be a statistic: Here's how you can be sure you did it right.

That was even need to have this discussion is, of course, unfortunate. But if you do own a Surface, you really do need to be sure you're doing this right. Because more often than not, when you plug the power connector into the Surface, you've not actually made a viable connection. And your device is not charging.

Microsoft Surface RT

What's odd about this is that the power connector uses the same basic technique to grip this accessory as does the keyboard connector: Magnets. And that keyboard connector is near-flawless, a tight, immediate, and reliable grip that Microsoft has memorialized in advertising. The power connector, alas, is far less reliable and is in fact a pretty shoddy piece of engineering. And it is almost impossible to accurately plug it into the Surface on the first try, no matter how familiar you are with it.

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