Windows RT hardware compatibility list released by Microsoft

2012-Nov-01 | Tags: compatibilitysystem

Windows on ARMThe Microsoft Surface tablet was design with productivity in mind, but its users aren't going to get very far if they don't have a Windows RT hardware compatibility list.

Luckily, Microsoft released an easy-to-sort Compatibility Center website, detailing the devices that will work with the pre-installed operating system.

There's a list of eight "popular products" on the homepage as well as a the ability to search for specific hardware beyond those eight.

Tucked away in the masthead are categories of devices, including cameras, printers and scanners, and even graphics cards.

Surface owners who opted for the 32GB model over the 64GB version will want to pay attention to the all-important "storage devices" category when expanding with an external hard drive.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT