Microsoft Surface OS Windows RT is too important to die off

2012-Oct-25 | Tags: analysissurface-rt

Windows on ARMBefore he boldly declared Microsoft's Windows RT-based Surface tablet dead on arrival, mobile analyst Sascha Segan circulated a copy of his column to colleagues and dared anyone to dispute him.

Guess I'll have to take up that challenge - But first, I have to say that it's very tough to dispute Sascha's contention that the first wave of Windows RT tablets, including the Surface, face a serious uphill battle to gain traction in a market dominated by established players like Apple and Google. For starters, Microsoft itself screwed the pooch by rolling out its own self-built tablet, versions of which will run both the ARM-optimized version of the new Windows 8 operating system and the x86 version.

Microsoft Surface RT

That may have been strategically necessary to get the ball rolling for Windows RT and to a lesser extent Windows 8, but it also ticked off key hardware partners who assumed the software giant would stick strictly to software like it has in the past. Microsoft's turf encroachment probably resulted in an attendant whisper campaign of FUD aimed at the Surface and only half-hearted efforts on the part of some OEMs to build their own Windows RT devices.

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