Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Priced To Compete With iPad, Not Android

2012-Oct-16 | Tags: analysisandroidapplebusinesssurface-rtversus

Windows on ARMIt's official: the Windows RT version of Microsoft's Surface tablet is priced way higher than its Android competitors, and more on par with the new iPad. Is it worth it? Early reactions say probably not.

Microsoft finally took the wraps off its Windows RT tablet on Tuesday, formally announcing that the 32GB version of the tablet will cost $499, without the innovative Touch Cover that doubles as a keyboard. Adding a Touch Cover tacks on an additional $100, bringing the total price to $599. For the 64GB model, customers will need to shell out $699 - which includes the Touch Cover.

Microsoft Surface RT

Customers can also buy Touch Covers separately for $119.99, available in black, white, magenta, cyan and red. If that's not good enough, there's also a separate, more versatile Type Cover in black for $129.99, which adds moving keys for a more traditional typing feel, Microsoft said. Both Covers felt great in our brief Surface hands-on earlier this year, at the Surface unveiling. But how they'll hold up over time is anyone's guess.

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