More details emerge on Emperion's Windows on ARM phone, and it doesn't look good

2020-Feb-20 | Tags: phone

Yesterday, we learned that a company called Emperion is making a Windows phone. Yes, a Windows phone. Windows 10 Mobile support ended over a month ago, but this device is running full Windows on ARM, using what's described as an overclocked Snapdragon 845 (which could be a Snapdragon 850).

Right out of the gate, the announcement raises questions. Emperion is promising to run Android apps on the device without emulation, without ever saying how this will be done or where the apps will come from. Moreover, Windows on ARM doesn't support a smartphone use case, although the UK company says that it will. Of course, the issue with Windows on ARM support for telephony is that 20H2 will be a cumulative update-style update like 19H2 was, so any new features won't be coming until 21H1, which is over a year off.

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