Windows 10 Support for Arm Chips Keeps Growing

2020-Feb-07 | Tags: 64bitSoCcompatibilityvirtual

A new Preview Build lets Arm64 devices running Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise use Microsoft's hypervisor, Hyper-V. Microsoft isn’t backtracking on its support for the Arm64 chip architecture, despite some initial criticism and setbacks in terms of how the Windows 10 operating system (OS) and various apps work on it.

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19559 for the Fast Ring update cycle adds Arm64 support to Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users.

Hyper-V can yield higher performance from virtual machines (VMs) on Windows because VMs running on a hypervisor can run at a lower level than when running on top of another OS.

Even if you don't typically bother with creating a VM for another Windows 10 instance or Linux distro, you may still want to use the Windows Sandbox feature. Windows Sandbox is one-click Windows 10 VM that allows you to browse more safely or download risky email attachments that get wiped after you close it (a feature most likely inspired by Qubes OS).

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