Windows on Arm in 2020: An ecosystem finally worth buying into?

2020-Jan-19 | Tags: analysisbusinessdesktoplaptopnotebook

Windows on ARMI know, we’re an Android website, but I find the ongoing transition in the PC space from traditional to mobile processors too fascinating to ignore. By which, of course, I mean Microsoft’s mission to support Windows on Arm, with the aid of Qualcomm providing the chips.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is the latest high-end PC to sport an Arm-based processor, along with integrated 4G LTE connectivity. I’ve been using one on and off for about a month for work, which has given me a pretty good insight into how well Windows currently works on Arm hardware.

Our very own Gary Sims will have a full review of the Surface Pro X very soon. I will be using the device as a reference a fair bit, however, as it details the current state of Windows on Arm very nicely.

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