Microsoft touts new cell-connected, ARM-based Windows 10 PCs for the education market

2020-Jan-16 | Tags: desktoplaptop

Windows on ARMMicrosoft plans to showcase new and refreshed Windows 10 PCs aimed at the education market during next week's Bett UK education conference. In addition to announcing a partnership with T-Mobile that will provide select U.S. school districts with 4G LTE SIM coverage, Microsoft also will be talking up the benefits of cell-powered Connected PCs for rural and underserved areas.

The two brand-new Connected PCs that are built and priced especially for the education market which Microsoft is adding to its education portfolio are both coming this summer. They are te JP.IK Turn T101, which will start at $299 and the Positivo Wise N1212S, starting at $575. Both of these devices are ARM-based, as are the other cell-connected Windows 10 devices in Microsoft's education portfolio -- the Surface Pro X, Samsung Galaxy Book S, Maibenben Xioamai X228, Lenovo C630 Yoga, Samsung Galaxy Book 2 and Huawei Matebook E.

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