Microsoft's Surface Pro X Goes Full Batman

2019-Nov-05 | Tags: laptopreview

From the moment I opened up the Surface Pro X, I got the sense that Microsoft had entered a new chapter for its homegrown hardware. Gone are the huge bezels and hard edges found on the company’s previous detachables, and in their place you something that’s sleek and sophisticated, unlike anything Microsoft has made before.

And when you combine its stealth black-on-black color scheme with nifty tricks like its hidden stylus storage, I was hit with a realization: The Surface Pro X is Batman.

OK, I know that might seem like a bit of a stretch, after all, there’s a lot of different Batmans (Batmen?) to choose from. Are we talking Adam West’s Batman from the 60s, Ben Affleck’s Batman from the DC Universe, or even Kevin Conroy’s Batman from the animated series? For the Surface Pro X, we’re really looking at something closer to Christian Bale’s Batman from The Dark Knight trilogy, specifically the Batman of The Dark Knight Rises. It looks great, has lots of style, and feels like it’s trying to do way too much and not entirely succeeding.

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