Huawei MateBook E review: The best Windows on ARM PC that you can't buy

2019-Sep-08 | Tags: laptopnotebookqualcommreviewwin10

Windows on ARMThere are only a handful of Windows on ARM devices on the market, those being PCs that use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and run either native ARM apps or emulated x86 apps. I had only known about two from the latest generation, the Snapdragon 850, until May. When I spoke to the Windows on ARM team at Microsoft's Build conference, I found out about the China-exclusive MateBook E.

I've also reviewed the other two Snapdragon 850 PCs, which are great but have some shortcomings. For example, Samsung's Galaxy Book2 has a beautiful Super AMOLED display, but only 4GB RAM. On the other hand, Lenovo's Yoga C630 is the opposite. It has 8GB RAM in a real convertible form factor, but a mediocre 1080p screen.

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