Huawei MateBook E is one of the best Windows ARM laptops you'll (probably) never see

2019-Aug-14 | Tags: notebookreview

Windows on ARMIn the U.S., so far only two PCs have launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 chipset for an "always-connected PC" (ACPC) experience: Samsung's Galaxy Book2 and the Lenovo Yoga C630. Both devices are great, but a third one is only available in China: Huawei's MateBook E. I'm in China this week with Huawei, and I managed to get my hands on this 2-in-1 PC. Here are my thoughts.

The MateBook E is a successor to the original MateBook launched hree years ago and sold in the US. Instead of an Intel Core m-series processor, Huawei opted for the Snapdragon 850, which gives it 4G LTE, instant-on abilities and better battery life. The display is the same size and resolution as the Galaxy Book2 – 2160x1440 – but is not AMOLED. However, it does hit 350-nits for brightness and filters out blue light, which can cause eye fatigue.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT