GPD MicroPC is a Windows 10 / Ubuntu MATE Portable Mini PC for Sysadmins (Crowdfunding)

2019-Feb-15 | Tags: laptoplinuxwin10

Windows on ARMI shortly discussed GPD MicroPC, a portable computer specifically designed for for network engineers and sysadmins in a post about the company’s Pocket 2 Amber Black mini laptop, but I did not go into details at the time since it was not available.

GPD has now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the portable Gemini Lake mini PC, where you can pick one of the 2,000 units that are available for $299 including worldwide shipping.

The actively cooled mini PC comes with Windows 10 Pro, but the company claims to have a strategic cooperation with Ubuntu MATE, and users will be able to download and install Ubuntu MATE 18.10 from the GPD official website and crowdfunding update area.

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