Lenovo Yoga C630 review: Windows on ARM in a real laptop with 8GB RAM

2019-Jan-05 | Tags: laptoplenovoqualcommreviewwin10

Windows on ARMLenovo's Yoga C630 is probably the best Windows on ARM device, depending on what you're looking for. There are only two PCs on the market to use Qualcomm's latest chipset, the Snapdragon 850, with the other one being the Samsung Galaxy Book2.

I reviewed the Galaxy Book2 a couple of months ago, and indeed, it's a lovely device, especially with its Super AMOLED display. It's a tablet with an attachable keyboard, as are most Windows on ARM PCs, and it's not a form factor that I prefer. I want a convertible laptop, which is what the Yoga C630 is. It has a full keyboard that doesn't flop around like an attachable keyboard, a 13.3-inch display, pen support, and more.

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