Arm's Cortex-A76 Could Be The First True Challenger To x86 Chips On Laptops

2018-Jun-01 | Tags: benchmarklaptopwin10x86

Windows on ARMArm announced its second-generation DynamIQ “big core,” the Cortex-A76, as well as a new Mali-G76 GPU and the Mali-V76 VPU with support for 8K UHD resolution.

According to Arm, its CPUs have seen consistent 20%+ performance gains every year without compromising battery life, in contrast to x86 laptop CPUs, which have seen single-digit percentage improvements every year. The company concludes that this level of progress is one of the main reasons why Microsoft has taken an interest in porting Windows 10 to Arm chips. Arm also noted that Windows 10 laptops running its chips can last over 20 hours on a full charge.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT