Microsoft's Windows Server on ARM move: More questions and answers

2017-Mar-11 | Tags: analysisserver

Windows on ARMMicrosoft's official acknowledgement that it has Windows Server running on ARM for use in its own, and potentially others', datacenters generated a number of questions. Here are a few answers.

Earlier this week, Microsoft acknowledged that it has been working to bring Windows Server to ARM. But the way this announcement unfolded was rather confusing.

Once the dust from the initial wave of press releases cleared, it turned out that Microsoft officially announced that it has been working with Intel, AMD, and two ARM vendors (Qualcomm and Cavium) to support Project Olympus, Microsoft's next-generation cloud-hardware design it provided to the Open Compute Project. Microsoft also announced that it has been involved with multiple ARM suppliers, including Qualcomm and Cavium on getting Windows Server to run ARM for its own internal datacenter use only.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT