MediaTek Says No to Windows 10 on ARM Because It’s a Risky Idea

2017-Mar-01 | Tags: analysiswin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft announced in late 2016 that the full Windows 10 would be able to run on ARM chips thanks to a new emulation system, explaining that Qualcomm would be one of the companies involved in the project, with its chipsets specifically developed to take advantage of this idea.

But as far as MediaTek is concerned, this is just a risky project that the company doesn’t want to invest in for the time being, especially because Windows on ARM is already a failed experiment since 2012.

MediaTek is currently one of the biggest ARM chip manufacturers, so when asked whether they plan to put ARM-based chips into Windows 10 PCs, the answer was a big no.

“We've been down this path before, and we'll see,” Finbarr Moynihan, general manager of sales at MediaTek, was quoted as saying.

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