Qualcomm Confirms Snapdragon 835 Is Built to Run Full Windows 10

2017-Jan-05 | Tags: compatibilityqualcommwin10

Windows on ARMQualcomm announced the all-new Snapdragon 835 processor at CES in Las Vegas, and the company confirmed one of the most anticipated technologies of the year: the new chip can run the full version of Windows 10.

Microsoft announced in late 2016 that it was working with Qualcomm on bringing the full Windows 10 on ARM processors, in an effort to create devices that benefit from longer battery life without compromising performance.

The Redmond-based software giant also demoed Adobe Photoshop running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which is already available on two Windows 10 Mobile flagships, confirming that this chip has what it takes to benefit from this emulation.

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