Windows 10 on ARM: First Acer Laptop Possibly Spotted Online

2016-Dec-30 | Tags: acerlaptopnotebookwin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft announced recently that it plans on bringing the full version of Windows 10 on ARM processors, and the company even demonstrated such an early implementation on a Snapdragon 820 (this chip is already available on some Windows 10 Mobile devices, such as the Alcatel IDOL 4S and the HP Elite X3).

And while Microsoft explained that the first devices running Windows 10 on ARM chips would launch in 2017, it looks like some companies are already working on it, and Acer wants to be part of the first wave.

Although it’s not yet clear if this is correct or just an error, the official product page of the Acer Chromebook R13 lists Windows 10 Home as an alternative operating system available for this particular device, so customers can opt either for the Chrome OS version or for Windows 10.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT