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  • Windows on ARMIf you use a Microsoft Surface or any other Windows RT product, there is a little known feature, if you want to call it that, which allows authorized web pages to display Flash content in the Metro modern browser.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: After more than two months of day-in and day-out use, the strengths and weaknesses of the Microsoft Surface and Windows RT are easier to see. Here's a long-term update.

  • Windows on ARMNot much is known about the battery integrated into Microsoft's Surface RT, as the company has always avoided to provide clear autonomy figures for its first tablet in history. Apart from the fact that it's equipped with a 31.5 W-h battery, the Surface RT is said to provide an autonomy of approximately 8 hours when browsing the web on Wi-Fi, watching clips or listening to music.

  • Windows on ARMRecently we discussed how one can create a virtual machine for server admin with a Windows RT device. Sometimes though, you just need putty. Putty is perhaps one of the most used server admin tools by any Windows administrator. In this guide we are going to show how one can also enable using Putty using RemoteApp. The benefits in some situations becomes obvious.

  • Windows on ARMIf you are planing to buy a Windows RT laptop and you are worried about the flaw that it is not loaded with an in built media player like the other Windows OS then dont worry MachineHappy has brought you the complete package of  media-players for Windows RT just a click away from you.

  • Windows on ARMAs you probably know by know if you're a Windows RT tablet owner, Microsoft's new operating doesn't allow users to load Flash websites, unless they're placed on a whitelist created and managed by the Redmond-based technology company.

  • Windows on ARMWe got in touch with Gérard Metrailler, Senior Director, Product Management, Graphics at Corel Corporation and asked him, what the main challenges in developing ARM-powered, Windows-RT versions of existing applications are.

  • Windows on ARMI've just started at a new company, and it's been a busy few weeks. Yet I've already had a lot of experiences on my new Surface RT. I'd read my share of Surface RT reviews before mine arrived – and the world doesn't need another Surface RT review, so I'll take you on a quick run-through of my thoughts to date.

  • Windows on ARMDespite the fact that iPads sell so well, it's often difficult to get a handle on what they're actually used for. In business, the two most common uses are "groupware" (in this context, email, calendar, and contacts) and web browsing.

  • Windows on ARMIt's been over a week since the Windows 8 launch in New York, and that means it's been 12 days since I bought a 64GB Surface RT device with a Touch Cover in Microsoft's Times Square pop-up store.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: I love the Microsoft Surface RT hardware, but was thinking a return was imminent. I then took a two day trip without a laptop and am convinced there is a real place in my mobile arsenal for the Surface RT.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Can you run existing Windows apps on Surface RT and other Windows RT devices? If you have the right back-end infrastructure and licenses, Remote Desktop may provide a way.

  • Windows on ARMAs my colleague Tim Conneally recently reported, Microsoft Surface with Windows RT does not allow users to take advantage of the total amount of advertised storage. On Reddit Ricardo Lopez, Test Manager for Surface RT, announced that customers can still take advantage of more than 20GB of free space, but the Redmond, Wash.-based corporation begs to differ.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Microsoft's Surface RT is a new device and comes with a new UI and gestures, many of which are not intuitive. I found many helpful gestures and keyboard shortcuts and hope this guide helps relieve some frustrations.

  • Windows on ARMWhile some may take exception with my criticisms of Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT devices, one complaint is unassailable: The magnetic plug on the power supply doesn't work properly. And if you don't pay attention carefully when you make the connection, you may find yourself without battery power. Don't be a statistic: Here's how you can be sure you did it right.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Yes, you can legally use Office 2013 to do real work on a Windows RT device like Microsoft's Surface. But be prepared to pay extra. I've got details, including the monthly price tag.

  • Windows on ARMExpandable storage is a wonderful thing, but its implementation can sometimes leave something to be desired. Take Windows 8, for instance -- its photo, movie and music apps leverage Windows libraries to access users' media collections, but won't allow users to include removable storage in the app-accessed party of indexed folders. Sure, you can keep all your media on one device, but half it will need to be accessed in a slightly roundabout way.

  • Windows on ARMIf you have a device running Windows RT, chances are you're missing one or more of your favorite apps. Here are five alternatives that could be worth a download, depending on what you're looking for.

  • Windows on ARMIf you haven't heard it by now, let us make it extra clear - Windows RT is not the full Windows 8. No, it won't run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or whatever traditional Windows program you throw at it. Except for Microsoft's Office package that comes pre-loaded.

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