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  • Windows on ARMWhen you have a program like Office 2013 that's crammed full of features on Windows, how do you decide what to keep when you make the iPad version? You look at what users do on a tablet, Office general manager Julia White told TechRadar Pro at the launch.

  • Windows on ARMAs a Surface 2 owner, I have come to grips with the fact that Windows RT, the operating system on my tablet, is a bastardized version of "real Windows". However, I love the OS, as it works great and is very secure. On the RT variant, the user cannot install classic Windows programs. While many see this as a negative, I see it as a positive -- classic Windows viruses and malware cannot be installed either.

  • Windows on ARMI didn't realize that the version of Outlook 2013 RT that came bundled with the RTM version of Windows 8.1 RT was still officially a preview release. Update: Actually, this seems NOT to be the case. I've asked Microsoft if yesterday's blog post is just a reposting of a past entry. It looks as if Outlook 2013 RT already had RTM'd as I thought originally. Stay tuned for Microsoft's official response.

  • Windows on ARMAs part of this week's Windows RT 8.1 public preview, Microsoft also made available to testers a first public preview of Outlook 2013 RT.

  • Windows on ARMIf you're running the Windows RT 8.1 Preview, Outlook 2013 RT is now available to add to your collection of Office 2013 apps loaded as part of the operating system update. The client is mostly unchanged from the version of Outlook available as part of Office 2013 for x86 machines, although a number of enterprise features have been removed.

  • Windows on ARMAs we mentioned on Wednesday, Microsoft was not all that clear on whether the upcoming Outlook 2013 RT app would be confined to the Windows RT desktop, or if it had been designed as a newer Modern UI app. Microsoft added to the confusion when whomever was in charge of the official Surface Twitter account posted word that it would be "a Windows Store app, not desktop."

  • Windows on ARMHi. I’ve posted here a few times but I haven’t really introduced myself. I’m Brian Hall, and I joined the Surface team several months ago. I learned about how cool Surface was the first time many of you did when Panos announced it last June. I went to our local Microsoft store right when it became available and bought mine. And I loved it as did my wife and kids (my oldest liked that he got his own picture and his own pin. Shhh.

  • Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft release Windows RT with specially compiled versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, speculation about the absence of an Outlook desktop application began almost immediately. Rumors have suggested over time that Microsoft had in fact created a version of Outlook for Windows RT, with the reasons for it not being released differing from source to source.

  • MongoDB for Windows RTMongoDB is a document database that provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability.

  • Windows on ARMDespite the fact that iPads sell so well, it's often difficult to get a handle on what they're actually used for. In business, the two most common uses are "groupware" (in this context, email, calendar, and contacts) and web browsing.

  • Windows on ARMWhile the iPad has certain ecosystem advantages over the recently-released Surface with Windows RT, Microsoft's entry does of course edge out the Apple device in some key areas as well. And one major advantage of the Surface over iPad is that it comes with a fully functional version of Microsoft Office.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Yes, you can legally use Office 2013 to do real work on a Windows RT device like Microsoft's Surface. But be prepared to pay extra. I've got details, including the monthly price tag.

  • Windows on ARMAmong the many curious aspects of the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT is its inclusion of a so-called Preview version of Office Home & Student 2013 RT. Microsoft previously said that the final version of this productivity suite would ship soon after the Surface arrived. But it’s already available. Here’s how you can get it now.

  • Windows on ARMA few days ago, it was reported that Microsoft has started the process of updating the Windows RT version of Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student from the current preview version to the final version, well ahead of Microsoft's previous schedule.

  • Windows on ARMOne of the major selling points of Windows RT tablets is the full, albeit Windows RT version of Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student. The version included on tablets such as the Surface out of the box is branded as a Preview, with Microsoft originally expecting to roll out a final version sometime in November.

  • Windows on ARMBundled apps on Surface RT cannot be used for work without tying them to another Office license, Microsoft confirms - Microsoft confirmed Wednesday that owners of Windows RT hardware, including the company's own Surface RT, must acquire a commercial license for Office 2013 to use those devices' bundled Office apps at and for work.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Microsoft's Office Home & Student 2013 RT, which is included for free with Windows-on-ARM devices, can be upgraded to a commercial-rights-usage license. Here's how.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft outed a post yesterday at the Office blog, where it detailed for the first time the work done to port Microsoft Office to the ARM processor architecture that the iPad and Android tablets are using.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft is about to release a groundbreaking version of its popular Windows operating system, although with the usual frenzy surrounding the iPhone 5, you certainly wouldn't know it. As well as releasing for desktop as per usual, Windows 8 will be available for tablets such as the Surface, and as well as Windows Phone 8 for – you've guessed it – smartphones, a special, tablet-friendly iteration will be released for Windows 8 RT.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: The first tablets bearing Windows RT are now appearing in reviewers' hands, along with Office 2013 optimized for touch. While showing promise, the handling of touch operation seems to be business as usual for Office use on tablets.

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