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  • Dell’s Own Surface Phone Codenamed Januss, Running Windows 10 ARM

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is believed to be working on a new mobile device, often referred to as Surface Phone but allegedly codenamed Andromeda, and several other partners are now likely to be working on similar products based on Redmond’s approach.

  • The Windows Phone Disaster Makes Dell Reluctant to Invest in Windows 10 ARM

    Windows on ARMDell is one of Microsoft’s biggest partners, but surprisingly, it’s also one of the companies that decided to stay away from the most ambitious project launched by the software giant this year on the Windows 10 hardware front.

  • Owners of Dell's XPS 10 and Lenovo's Yoga 11 to get free Windows RT 8.1 updates

    Windows on ARMDell's XPS 10 tablet and Lenovo's Yoga 11 hybrid with Windows RT have been discontinued, but the companies will provide customers free upgrades to the latest Windows RT 8.1 when the OS is released later this month, according to representatives from the two vendors.

  • Microsoft is sole Windows RT tablet vendor as Dell's XPS 10 is 'unavailable'

    Windows on ARMIDG News Service - Dell's XPS 10 tablet models with Windows RT have been removed from the company's website, which analysts said could leave Microsoft as the only vendor selling ARM-based tablets running versions of Windows RT.

  • Microsoft Windows RT DOA: Dell is paying for Ballmer’s sins

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft, in hedging its tablets bets between the Windows RT it believed people readily wanted and the Windows 8 it believed it could get them to accept, doomed both Surface tablet lines to failure. That reality became apparent this week at it cut the price of the Pro by $100 after having cut the RT price earlier.

  • Dell: Users Are Really, Really Happy with Windows RT

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft continues to bet big on Windows RT, even if though lots of people are actually criticizing the operating system for the lack of support for desktop applications. As a result, sales are rather slow, but there’s one company that expects things to change significantly in the coming months.

  • Dell now selling the XPS 10 Windows RT tablet for $299.99

    Windows on ARMYes, that's right, there is no typo. The Dell XPS 10, which runs Windows RT and came to market sporting a $499 price-tag, is now available for purchase at a very affordable $299.99. Clearly, the US computer manufacturer no longer has its eyes set on Apple's fourth-generation iPad, one of the most popular fondleslabs available today.

  • Dell VP: We're Still Committed to Windows RT

    Windows on ARMNeil Hand, vice president at Dell, recently confirmed that the company plans to stay committed to Microsoft's ARM-based Windows RT platform. His confirmation backs up a previous statement by Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager of mobile products and solutions at Dell, who said in an interview that the company is planning to launch new Windows 8 tablets later this year.

  • Dell introduces XPS 10 Windows RT tablet with 4G LTE connectivity

    Windows on ARMDell’s XPS 10 running Windows RT has been available since the launch of Windows RT last October. Like all the other Windows RT tablets out there, its connectivity relied solely on Wi-Fi networks with no cellular connectivity options.

  • Windows RT demand is weaker than hoped, Dell exec says

    Windows on ARMNeil Hand, an executive who oversees Dell's tablet business, says the company remains committed to Windows RT and is continuing work on future devices. - Microsoft had grand ambitions for its Windows RT operating system, but more signs are pointing to trouble.

  • Review: Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet and dock

    Windows on ARMWindows RT: unholy fondleslab abomination or clever integration of a grown-up desktop and touch-friendly tablet UI? Opinions veer wildly and violently between one and the other extreme.

  • Dell XPS 10 hybrid tablet review

    Windows on ARMDell's XPS 10 is a hybrid Windows RT tablet that can be combined with an optional keyboard dock, effectively turning it into a netbook or mini laptop, and doubling the battery life at the same time.

  • Dell XPS 10 Hands-On: $499 Windows RT Tablet Uses Qualcomm CPU

    Windows on ARMWe haven't seen too many Windows RT tablets on the market–the Surface and the ASUS VivoTab RT are the two most notable–but Dell entered the fray with the XPS 10, a $499 tablet that uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

  • Dell didn't want Microsoft to call ARM OS "Windows RT"

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft first announced its plans to offer an OS that would run on ARM-based processors in early 2011, but it wasn't until 2012 that Microsoft settled on "Windows RT" as its actual brand name. Now, a new report claims that a top executive at Dell tried to get Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to use another name to describe their ARM OS.

  • Dell Makes the Cloud Personal with new Cloud software for Windows RT Tablets, Apple iPad and PocketCloud Web

    Windows on ARMDell today is announcing enhancements to its Dell Wyse PocketCloud app portfolio to help connect individuals with their professional and personal content anytime, anywhere from mobile devices or remote computers. PocketCloud Explore and PocketCloud Web provide a secure and fast way to remotely connect to users' PCs and Macs from Android, iOS and Windows RT devices, including the Dell XPS 10 tablet, or any Web browser, enabling users to access and share any content.

  • Microsoft Surface and its rivals: The first wave of Windows RT tablets

    Windows on ARMThe Surface RT isn't the only Windows RT tablet coming this year. Four others will debut over the next few months to challenge Microsoft's likely Windows tablet dominance.

  • DELL Shows Impressive XPS 10 WindowsRT ARM Tablet

    Windows on ARMOnce Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is launched this October, ARM will have secured a serious foothold in the Windows software market. Sure the x86 Windows applications will not work on WindowsRT, but we're certain that these will be much easier to port than going from ARM Android to x86 Windows 8.

  • New Windows RT tablets raise competition among ARM chip makers

    Windows on ARMNew Windows RT tablets announced at the IFA trade show in Berlin have intensified competition among ARM-based chip makers, which are adding unique capabilities to processors so tablets become more attractive to buyers based on performance and features.

  • Dell announces XPS 10 tablet with ARM processor and Windows RT

    Windows on ARMDell is back in the tablet market after laying low for a few months, announcing the XPS 10 tablet, which has an ARM processor and Microsoft's upcoming Windows RT OS.

  • Collaborating to deliver Windows RT PCs

    Windows on ARMWindows 8 and Windows RT each reached the RTM milestone, and we are hard at work in collaboration with ecosystem partners, including PC manufacturers, Silicon partners, and other component suppliers, to complete high quality Windows RT and Windows 8 PCs that we think you'll love. We're very excited about the designs PC manufacturing partners have built on the foundation of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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