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  • Windows on ARMSomeone once told me that if everyone has one feature that they really care about and want to see, mine would be ARM64 support for UWP apps. This isn't true, as anyone who knows me knows that it was always OneDrive placeholders, but ARM64 is something that I've tried to stay on top of, since it makes absolutely no sense that a developer can't compile an ARM64 UWP app.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft announced recently that it plans on bringing the full version of Windows 10 on ARM processors, and the company even demonstrated such an early implementation on a Snapdragon 820 (this chip is already available on some Windows 10 Mobile devices, such as the Alcatel IDOL 4S and the HP Elite X3).

  • Windows on ARMAcer Chairman J.T. Wang says his company wants "to be realistic" about the operating system -- and has not yet decided to launch a device running the software.

  • Windows on ARMAcer is waiting for the next version of Windows RT, due in the second half of this year, before deciding whether to release a tablet that runs on that OS. “The plan for an RT tablet is ongoing,” said Acer President Jim Wong in an interview Friday at a company event in New York.

  • Windows on ARMLike many people, I’ve openly questioned Microsoft’s decision to make and sell Windows RT, an ARM-based version of Windows 8 that sacrifices backwards compatibility while embracing today’s key mobile platform. But a recent flub by tech bloggers triggered an understanding of the very vital role that Windows RT should play in the future of Windows. And it’s a need that RT, quite simply, isn’t fulfilling today.

  • Windows on ARMIDG News Service - Acer plans to release a Windows RT tablet this year as it looks to aggressively expand its lineup of mobile devices, including smartphones.

  • Windows on ARMComputerworld - Acer plans to produce Windows RT devices at some point, according to a company spokeswoman. That statement comes after Acer's CEO blasted Microsoft for building the Surface RT tablet. On Monday, Microsoft excluded Acer from its list of Windows RT device makers.

  • Windows on ARMDuring Computex 2012, Intel stated that there were over twenty Intel CPU powered Windows 8 RT tablets in the works. This comes as good news, because apparently at Computex, very few ARM-based devices were shown. Most of the tablets shown were running x86 processors.

  • Windows on ARMNvidia is on the verge of delivering its own homegrown chips for Windows 8 devices, and the company hopes to use its extensive background in graphics to differentiate itself from competitors, according to a company executive.

  • Windows on ARMWhen information about Windows on ARM (WOA) was released last week, one important detail was overlooked -- in essence, each WOA device will require its own customized version, including drivers and firmware, unlike the Windows on PCs. While it may seem as if this might lead to fragmentation as on Android, that won't happen with WOA.

  • Windows on ARMAnalysts at Sterne Agee are projecting that emerging market growth could shift from x86 PCs to lower-cost WARM (Windows ARM) platforms. "While PCs have seen the strongest engine of growth from emerging countries, the emergence of lower-cost ARM PC platforms in C2H12 could become a more attractive option for the low-cost geographies," Vijay Rakesh and Mark Kelley wrote in an industry note obtained by TG Daily.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft is taking the unusual step of letting ARM processor designers choose their own partners for Windows 8 systems, part suppliers stated Monday. NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments were each being told to pick one major and one minor partner, Digitimes understood. Among the major partners, NVIDIA had picked Lenovo, Qualcomm had chosen Samsung, and TI had selected Toshiba.

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