Windows RT 64-bit

  • ARM Welcomes Windows with 64-bit Chips for Desktops and Servers

    Windows on ARMOn Thursday, ARM took the wraps off its long awaited 64-bit version of the ARM instruction set architecture (ISA). Called ARMv8, the new extensions will put ARM squarely in competition with Intel in the server and desktop markets. It’s important to note that ARM’s move to 64 bits isn’t about performance - rather, it’s strictly about giving ARM-based platforms the ability to cleanly and efficiently address more than 4GB of usable memory.

  • ARM's 64-bit ambitions spell more trouble for Intel and AMD

    Windows on ARMARMv8 will extend the company's ecosystem of energy-efficient, secure chips to the enterprise by 2014 - In a move that should add a few more drops of perspiration to furrowed brows at Intel and AMD, ARM today unveiled details of its ARMv8 architecture, which will extend its ecosystem into the 64-bit world of enterprise computing, perhaps gaining footing in Windows environments.

  • With Windows 8, x86 CPUs Will Lose Ground to ARM

    Windows on ARMWindows 8 is expected to catalyze a shift on the microprocessor (MPU) market, negatively impacting the adoption of traditional x86 CPUs, but nourishing strong growth for ARM processors. IHS iSuppli forecasts that Intel’s x86 architecture, which includes both 32-bit and 64-bit central procession units, will take a hit, uptake-wise, following the launch of Windows 7’s successor, with the market share of ARM chips exploding in the next four years.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT