• AnandTech - Microsoft Provides Windows on ARM Details

    Windows on ARMWe've known that Microsoft has been planning an ARM-compatible version of Windows since well before we knew anything else about Windows 8, but the particulars have often been obscured both by unclear signals from Microsoft itself and subsequent coverage of those unclear signals by journalists.

  • Windows 8 on ARM: Steven Sinofsky speaks

    Windows on ARMWindows 8 for ARM tablets will come out at the same time as Windows 8 for x86 PCs, if everything goes according to plan. Microsoft has released full details on Windows on ARM today. It will have the Windows desktop, with familiar apps like Explorer, Internet Explorer and the Windows Live apps, plus Office – but everything else will be Metro.

  • Building Windows for the ARM processor architecture

    Windows on ARMOne of the notable aspects of Microsoft Windows has been the flexibility the architecture has shown through shifts in technology and expansion of customer usage over time. What started out as an operating system for one person working solo with productivity software is now the foundation of a wide array of hardware and software technologies, a spectrum of connected Windows products, and an incredibly flexible approach to computing.

  • Windows 8 on ARM: The Desktop Plot Thickens

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft still isn't offering a clear answer on whether ARM-based Windows 8 computers will support the classic Windows desktop, but a recent blog post suggests that the company will.

  • Windows 8 on ARM: The desktop is still there

    Windows on ARMSummary: A new Microsoft blog post strongly implies that both Metro-style and Desktop apps will be supported on Windows 8 on ARM, as Microsoft originally promised. - This is kind of a back-handed way to confirm something, but that seems to be the way things work at Microsoft when it comes to Windows 8.

  • Windows 8 Frequently Asked Questions / Quick Guide

    Windows on ARMQ: What is Windows 8? - A: Windows 8 is the code name for the next version of Windows, while Windows Server 8 is the code name for the next version of Windows Server. Both follow Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Windows 8 is currently in development, the development started immediately after Windows 7.

  • Will Windows 8 ARM devices offer a limited desktop interface?

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has been coy about certain details on Windows 8 ARM devices. But a new rumor suggests that some type of desktop interface may join the new Metro UI on such devices. The folks in Redmond could be eyeing a limited or restricted desktop for Windows 8 ARM tablets and other devices, and one that will support only specific apps. At least, that's the scuttlebut from the Verge's Tom Warren, who wrote yesterday "that's exactly what we are hearing the software giant plans to do."

  • Windows 8 ARM devices to have a non-Metro desktop experience with app restrictions?

    Windows on ARMBack in December, a rumor emerged that Microsoft could be ditching the traditional Windows desktop for Windows 8 ARM tablets, signaling a move towards the Metro style user interface as the sole ARM strategy. Microsoft has consistently refused to comment on its plans for Windows 8 ARM, and has been reluctant to let vendors show off tablets running on ARM chipsets.

  • The significant hurdles facing Windows 8 tablets

    Windows on ARMHaving used, and I mean really usedtablets for a decade, I am excited and concerned about the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. Especially the ones running on a real mobile platform, ARM. I know Microsoft is putting a tremendous effort into getting Windows 8 on ARM as good as can be, but my experience with tablets tells me there are some significant obstacles in the way to make them succeed.Form Factor

  • Windows 8 on ARM will have legacy problems

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft might have a few problems getting its Windows 8 software to run on ARM processors, warned a software analyst. Patrick Moorhead wrote in Forbes that while he was impressed with Windows 8 there has been no developer preview for ARM SOCs and there is probably a good reason for it.

  • Application Compatibility Blog: Windows 8: Some ARM Twisting for Legacy Applications

    Windows on ARMAs we have have heard for the last long while from Microsoft, application compatibility is key to their product development and a key feature of the Windows ecosystem (extended franchise model?) This was a huge issue for the release of Windows 7 (as evidenced by the creation of several companies successfully built on identifying and solving compatibility issues for clients) and will likely continue to be an issue for the release of Windows 8; for both versions. Meaning for separate platforms; INTEL and ARM.

  • Windows 8's locked bootloaders: much ado about nothing, or the end of the world as we know it?

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has published the hardware requirements that manufacturers must follow if they want to slap a "Designed for Windows 8" sticker onto their systems. In among many innocuous requirements - multitouch systems must support at least five points of touch, there must be at least 10 GB of free space available to the user, and more - are a set of requirements for Windows 8 systems' firmware.

  • Microsoft confirms UEFI fears, locks down ARM devices

    Windows on ARMAt the beginning of December, we warned the Copyright Office that operating system vendors would use UEFI secure boot anticompetitively, by colluding with hardware partners to exclude alternative operating systems. As Glyn Moody points out, Microsoft has wasted no time in revising its Windows Hardware Certification Requirements to effectively ban most alternative operating systems on ARM-based devices that ship with Windows 8.

  • Are People Expecting Too Much from Windows 8 ARM Tablets?

    Windows on ARMThe closer we get to the actual release of Windows 8 ARM tablets the more I'm mulling over the pros and cons, and wondering just how successful such devices will actually turn out to be.  At the moment Windows 7 tablets are pretty powerful machines. They have a great many advantages over every other tablet with support for just about any USB device and the ability to run full desktop apps such as Microsoft Office.

  • Who cares if you can't run "normal" Windows apps on an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet? It's all about future, not the present.

    Windows on ARMAt the Consumer Electronics Show this week, there’s been a lot of buzz created by Microsoft. Most of the activity surrounds consumer technology like Kinect, phones, and tablets, though, and not Windows 8 like I’d hoped. I have seen stories of a handful of demonstrations of the ARM version of Windows 8 running on tablets, and that brings to mind something important that is often overlooked: the apps you run in Windows on your Intel computer are not going to be compatible with the version of Windows that runs on ARM.

  • Are Windows 8 tablets already irrelevant?

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is putting a devoting a significant amount of time, effort and money into making Windows 8 'touch-enabled' ready for loading onto tablets. But are Windows 8 tablets already irrelevant. Here's the problem. Microsoft is putting an awful lot of time, effort and money into making Windows 8 a touch-enabled operating system that will work on both desktop and tablet, x86 and ARM hardware. 

  • Windows 8 on the Tablet

    Windows on ARMPaul Thurrott demonstrates Windows 8 on the tablet in this edition of Windows IT Pro Insider. Along with Sean Deuby, Michael Otey, and Jeff James, Paul walks through the touch-screen interface and the start menu. He demonstrates the picture password feature where you can use gestures to log in.

  • The elephant in the room for Windows 8

    Windows on ARMAnalysis: Why legacy app support is a big deal for Microsoft's new OS - Windows 8 is coming. We've heard all about it, poked around with it and really rather like it. What Microsoft is doing is good and, what's more, it might breed a whole new range of multipurpose computing devices that go beyond the tablet.

  • Will Windows 8 run x86 apps on ARM tablets - or not?

    Windows on ARMThe Web today is abuzz with all sorts of conflicting stories about running "legacy" Windows 7 apps on the ARM Windows 8 desktop. Microsoft hasn't given a simple yes-or-no answer to this vexing question, but I thought Galen Gruman nailed it several days ago, in his post "Windows 8 on ARM chips: It was too good to be true." He says that ARM-based Windows 8 machines won't run X86 apps, referencing Steve Sinofsky's response during the earnings call last Wednesday.

  • Microsoft: Desktop apps will run on Windows 8 on ARM

    Windows on ARMI've heard numerous folks who attended Build in person and/or via Webcasts say that there will be no Desktop app experience when Windows 8 ships on PCs and tablets running on ARM processors. Until today, I thought the same. But this is not correct.

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