• Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft announced that it would ship the Windows 8 operating system in two flavors, Windows 8 and Windows RT, it was clear that this would cause confusion. The main reason for this being that Windows RT devices cannot run x86 applications so that they are limited to ports that Microsoft made, like the Office port, the application ecosystem that Windows 8 users get to use as well, and net applications.

  • Windows on ARMBack when Microsoft first split Windows 8 in twain, it initially called the two divisions Windows 8 and Windows on ARM (WoA). Windows 8 would be the full-bodied x86 version of the operating system with every bell and whistle, and Windows on ARM would be a cut-down version designed for low-power ARM SoCs.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft has slashed the price of Surface RT, making the device pretty affordable. Anyone hoping that Surface Pro would see a similar reduction will be disappointed. Microsoft shows no signs of cutting the price of its premium tablet, suggesting the company is happy enough with sales and margins at the moment.

  • Windows on ARMWith retailers suddenly dropping the price of Surface RT dramatically over the weekend, some are wondering if this is the time to take the plunge. Folks, put away your credit cards: Surface RT isn’t a good deal at any price.

  • Windows on ARMRumors that Microsoft was planning to cut the price of Surface RT have been swirling for a couple of days, and yesterday they came true. Staples in the US is currently advertising the 32 GB base model of the device for $349.99, a drop of $150. Although the price reduction hasn’t been seen elsewhere yet, it should start appearing at other retailers next week. No word on whether the reduction will be offered in other territories.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft might still believe in Windows RT, but support from the PC business is fading fast. Nokia is reportedly the latest company to abandon ship. Although a Windows RT tablet from Nokia has been rumored for months, sources told The Verge’s Tom Warren that the company is now working on a Windows 8 version instead.

  • Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) launched Windows 8 last year the operating system came in two "flavors": Windows 8 and Windows RT. While Windows 8 is a full-featured operating system consisting of not only the new tile-based home screen and apps but also the legacy desktop Windows RT features only the tile-based interface.

  • Windows on ARMDon’t shed a tear for Windows RT, the neutered operating system cursed to be the red-headed stepchild of the Windows family (to Windows Phone’s great relief). While the OS’s rocky birth has since led to an even rockier childhood, its very existence is a clever ploy for the future by Microsoft—even though you can’t give Windows RT tablets away today.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft has produced the name of a corporate customer in a fresh attempt to convince us Windows 8 is being adopted by businesses.

  • Windows on ARMWindows RT is struggling – do its poor sales mark the end of the Windows-on-ARM experiment, or should Microsoft keep pushing its alternative OS?

  • Windows on ARMWindows RT continues to be a controversial product, even though it was officially introduced back in October 2012 together with the Surface RT tablet.

  • Windows on ARMThe next 12 months will be crucial for Windows RT, the slimmed down version of Windows that Microsoft hopes will help it to break into a tablet market dominated by Apple's iPad and hordes of Android-powered devices.

  • Windows on ARMRumor has it that Microsoft is thinking about dramatically reducing prices on Windows RT tablets to stimulate sales. Considering the fact that RT hasn’t sold well against the competition, this is not surprising. But I believe this is a wrong approach for Microsoft to pursue for longer term success in tablets.

  • Windows on ARMBloomberg is reporting this morning that Microsoft is cutting the price of Windows RT for small tablets in a seemingly desperate bid to spur sales.

  • Windows on ARMRemember HTC's plans to make a full-sized Windows RT tablet? Well, you can forget them again: according to Bloomberg, those plans have been canned.

  • Windows on ARMIn December, a Nokia employee named Justin Angel wrote a post on his personal blog that claimed he found a way to turn the free trial versions of Windows 8 Modern apps into their full versions without paying for them. This week, Angel is back again, this time with a new post that claims he has found what could be new features in Microsoft's upcoming free Windows 8.1 update.

  • Windows on ARMWindows 8.1 got leaked a few times in the last couple of months, giving us a glimpse into what the future operating system could look like when it hits the market in June 26.

  • Windows on ARMReports say that Microsoft is readying a smaller, less-expensive version of its Window RT-based Surface tablet, and may announce it as early as June. Will that be enough to save the struggling Windows RT OS?

  • Windows on ARMDell just heavily discounted its only Windows RT tablet, and Microsoft is giving Europeans up to 25 percent off new Surface RTs with covers

  • Windows on ARMTami Reller, speaking at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, stated that customer satisfaction with the Surface with both RT and Pro is meeting expectations. In addition, the software for the RT has been greatly improved since the fall release which has helped to improve the perception of the platform.

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