Qualcomm boss Jacobs talks up smartbooks on ARM

2011-Nov-16 | Tags: laptopqualcomm

Windows on ARMQualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs had a lot to say at the company's earnings and analyst call today, including mentioning a match made in heaven that is sure to shiver the timbers of the two-party Wintel alliance.

Qualcomm and ARM architecture are going to run very smoothly on Windows 8, Jacobs claimed. He put the experience of a traditional, heavy laptop - with a charger that "sometimes weighed more than the device" - as a Windows 8 enabled transition into ultra-thin laptops, tablets and convertible machines.

There will be these smartbooks, said Jacobs, that will run on ARM and Qualcomm technology with some rather familiar sounding selling points - always on, instant on, always connected.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT