Notebook Makers Equally Concerned with ARM and x86 Chips Now

2011-Nov-11 | Tags: amdintellaptop

Windows on ARMMany people may not have thought much of it before tablets set themselves loose, but it seems Intel and ARM are both, to some extent, reaching into the other's territory, the latter more than the former. There used to be a time when Intel and AMD, with their x86 CPUs, had full control of the consumer PC market.

In much the same manner, the ARM architecture propagated among mobile devices and gained profile as mobile phones became popular and, later, indispensable.

ARM and x86 chips have been vying for the other's turf for a while now.

This so-called ARM-Intel cold war (AMD hasn't been very upfront about any attempts at entering the mobile space until recently) is causing a sort of dilution on the IT market.

Simply put, both companies have succeeded, to some extent, in actually bringing this conflict to the forefront, to the point where notebook makers are betting equally on both platforms.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT