Will Asus' coming ARM-based Windows 8 tablets be available in 2012?

2011-Oct-31 | Tags: asusrumortablet

Windows on ARMSummary: PC maker Asus has let the cat partially out of the bag regarding its Windows 8 tablet plans. It seems apparent, however, that there are at least two Win 8 tablets coming from Asus before the end of next year.

There’ve been a number of rumors as to exactly when Microsoft’s PC partners would deliver the first Windows 8 tablets.

But one of those partners, AsusTek, has spelled out — at least to some degree — in its own Q3 2011 Investor Conference slide deck from October 31, what’s coming and when. (I believe the original report on this comes from netbooknews.de.)

Here’s the slide (page 31):

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