Microsoft building Windows 8 E editions & multiple Windows ARM versions


Windows on ARMThe software giant is currently compiling Windows 8 E editions, despite axing the version shortly before the release of Windows 7. Microsoft originally started compiling E editions of Windows 7, which do not include Internet Explorer, during its beta phase in early 2009. Microsoft was forced to create special European editions of Windows 7 after the European Union originally accused Microsoft of anti-trust violations back in January 2009.

The E editions of Windows 7 were scrapped after, in July 2009, Microsoft proposed a ballot screen to allow users to pick their default browser in Windows XP, Vista and 7. The European Commission accepted Microsoft's plans in December 2009 after the software giant agreed to randomize the ballot screen due to several complaints from rival software companies.

WinRumors has discovered references to E editions of Windows 8 inside recently leaked builds. Microsoft also appears to be compiling multiple SKUs of its Windows ARM offering:

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