ARM's 64-bit ambitions spell more trouble for Intel and AMD

2011-Oct-27 | Tags: 64bitamdintel

Windows on ARMARMv8 will extend the company's ecosystem of energy-efficient, secure chips to the enterprise by 2014 - In a move that should add a few more drops of perspiration to furrowed brows at Intel and AMD, ARM today unveiled details of its ARMv8 architecture, which will extend its ecosystem into the 64-bit world of enterprise computing, perhaps gaining footing in Windows environments.

ARM's push to power 64-bit computing means its rivals not only have to struggle to catch up in the smartphone and tablet spaces while protecting their consumer-oriented desktop territory, but will also have to tighten their defense in server rooms, data centers, workstations, and anywhere else that 32 bits just isn't enough.

ARM already has an impressive track record for baking energy efficiency and security features into its chip blueprints -- traits that should appeal to enterprise customers. Intel and AMD have time on their hands, at least; enterprise prototypes running the 64-bit ARM architecture aren't expected until 2014.

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