Windows 8 ARM tablets: what can we expect?

2011-Oct-03 | Tags: intelsamsungtablet

Windows on ARMMicrosoft recently handed out 5000 Samsung tablets running Windows 8 to developers at its Build conference, in a bid to encourage app development. These apps will be able to take advantage of the low-power, long battery life ARM tablets, which have Intel Core i5 CPUs in.

It isn't just Samsung who are going to be manufacturing the tablet, we saw a range of pre-release Windows 8 ARM tablets at BUILD, with NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Broadcom prototypes on display in the expo hall, where swiping through the Metro Start screens is as fast and fluid as it is on the Samsung Windows 8 tablets.

We also got a look at the NVIDIA Tegra 'breadboard' development systems (running the new five-core Kal-El processor) used for demonstrations in sessions and carefully packed away into flight cases after each outing.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT