Sinofsky outlines Windows 8 vision

2011-Sep-15 | Tags: desktopintelnvidiaqualcommversus

Windows on ARMExclusive: Windows chief talks ARM vs Intel and Metro vs desktop - What we've seen at the Microsoft Build conference this week has been Windows 8 running on familiar, if stylish x86 PCs, with the occasional glimpse of prototype ARM hardware from Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Windows chief Steven Sinofsky explained to TechRadar what the difference between the x86 and ARM platforms will be - and it's not just battery life.

All Metro apps "just run" on ARM. "There's huge potential for new apps to run across all platforms," says Sinofsky. "But in saying that I want to make sure people understand. We did not build some layer - the run time is not something that rides above Windows. We have ways underneath to abstract out the difference between hardware.

"You can use different graphics cards and we make them look like they're all the same. Something that's unique to Windows is that historically we have let the differences of that hardware shine through. When those hardware makers do the work to differentiate, if your graphics card can do some cool tessellation then you can see the differentiation."

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