ARM Shares Jump After Windows 8 Presentation

2011-Sep-15 | Tags: amdbusinessinteltablet

Windows on ARMShares of ARM jumped by more than four per cent yesterday after Microsoft showcased a slew of tablets, both ARM-based and Intel-based, running the company's next generation operating system, Windows 8, at its BUILD developer conference.

ARM is expected to be the biggest winner of Microsoft's current transition from a desktop-focused environment to one where mobility prevails and is likely to displace Intel as its most important strategic partner especially as Windows Phone grows in importance over the next 12 months.

The company is now valued at $13 billion, more than seven times its market capitalisation at the beginning of 2009 and nearly three times the size of Intel's smaller rival, AMD.

Windows 8 is still in an early beta and the facts that Microsoft released it four months before CES 2012 and that Steve Ballmer, the company's CEO, will give the opening keynote yet again means that it is a dead cert that Windows 8 will be the main talk of the town in Las Vegas next year with an official release date also likely.

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