Stocks that will benefit from Windows 8

2011-Sep-14 | Tags: appleintellaptopnvidiaqualcommtexas

Windows on ARMMicrosoft's next big catalyst is Windows 8, and from the early looks of things, it blows away its past predecessors.There was a demonstration done recently where the boot time was the fastest in Microsoft's history. On a regular laptop, it was even faster an Apple MacBook, which is known for its fast start times. Historically, this has been a major complaint of Windows users. From the looks of those videos, end users will not be complaining anymore.

What is the reason behind this? Windows 8 will now run on ARM-based chips, as opposed to just Intel chips. This is a huge design win for ARM-based chips, such as Texas Instruments, NVidia, Qualcomm, and others which have historically been shut out of the PC market. No more.

When Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would run not only on Intel chips, but ARM-based ones as well, this was a huge benefit to ARM, and a blow for Intel. Intel chips are notorious for consuming more power, which is why Intel has had a tough time getting into the mobile market. Texas Instruments, NVidia, and Qualcomm should all benefit from the move to ARM-based chips on Windows 8.

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