Windows RT and WP8 Management via System Center 2012 and Windows Intune

2012-Sep-11 | Tags: enterpriseserver

Windows on ARMThe recently updated Microsoft System Center 2012 can provide IT managers with new features and capabilities through interoperability with Windows Intune, the Redmond-based software giant announced.

The new management capabilities are needed in a market that sees an increased proliferation of mobile devices, as well as of the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Individuals bring to work devices that cannot be managed as typical corporate devices, and which are often not part of the company's network, although they use it to access the Internet or even corporate data.

"These challenges require flexibility in the way corporate policies are defined, such as determining which policies can and should be applied to which devices, and how those devices should be managed," Microsoft notes.

Two endpoint solutions coming from Microsoft can be used for management purposes, namely System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to address on-premises challenges, and Windows Intune to take advantage of management through the cloud.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT